Дивергент. Образовательный хаб

In the summer of 2016 NovaMova Russian Language School in Odessa is hosted by a unique, new and conceptual Educational Hub. It provides a warm, inviting atmosphere where everybody is a member of a special club of friends. You’ll learn best when you feel at home! Russian-speaking Odessa will embrace your every effort to achieve your educational goals.


NovaMova Russian Language School and Education Hub in Odessa offers the student more opportunities to interact, communicate and socialize in Russian — not only outside your class but any time during the day. Our open-space concept allows you to have a classroom-session with a qualified instructor and continue with more speech developing events in the common area. You could take part in speaking club activities while sipping on coffee and mix with the Russian speakers who would love to interact with you and support your learning.

The spirit in our Hub goes hand in hand with the spirit of Odessa herself. It’s an open, cosmopolitan seaport city with a long history of opening doors to visitors from every nook of the world. Sailors, tourists, merchants, musicians, artists, actors and authors have all regarded Odessa their second home. Many nationalities and diverse ethnic groups have populated Odessa for hundreds of years, so it’s always a someone new to meet! Hospitality and free spirit creates a perfect atmosphere for you to have good time in the city by the seaside, as well as great learning in the Russian speaking environment!